Forward-thinking organisations partner with us to champion their L&D offering and modernise their training without losing the human touch.
We offer choice: training for your people when, and wherever, they need it.
We specialise in virtual classrooms – keeping the personal, interactive touch learners gain from face-to-face training and delivering this direct to desktop and mobiles.

Organisations save time and money

Our virtual classrooms transform full days of training into shorter sessions fitted around busy schedules. Speed to competency is accelerated at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training.

Individuals have more time and control

With ease of access and varied subject matter, learners have flexibility and choice to create personalised learning pathways based on their ability and knowledge-gaps with no loss of human interaction and shared learning.

The benefits of collaboration

We believe there is real benefit in working as a team. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to working with our clients and the personalised service we provide.

We offer advice on how to implement workplace learning to best effect, from communication to usage, and can assist in mapping content to competencies so that specific training courses support behaviours or competencies.

Our Learning Programmes help learners to plan their bespoke learning, build skills quickly and achieve their personalised goals, making LiveTime the ideal resource for busy organisations large and small.

We provide a full marketing package that includes sell-in webinars and demo sessions to show learners how to make the most from their learning.

We also deliver regular attendance reports detailing the usage by individual participant, (live and recorded), supplied in Excel format.